C2SEPEM - Center for Computational Study of Excited-State Phenomena in Energy Materials

Executive Committee

Dr. Steven G. Louie serves as Director and Principal Investigator of the Center as well as the leader for the Theory Thrust Area. Dr. Louie is a world leader and pioneer in computational materials science, the founder and lead developer of the BerkeleyGW, and has extensive experience in management. He is responsible for management, budgets, oversight, and is the point person for communications with the DOE.

Dr. Jeffrey B. Neaton serves as the Center’s Associate Director, working directly with Dr. Louie, and the leader for the Validation Thrust Area. Dr. Neaton is a recognized leading condensed matter theorist in computational materials; he is also Energy Sciences Associate Laboratory Director at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

This senior leadership team will be rounded out by an Executive Committee (EC), consisting of the director and associate director, and the remaining thrust leaders:

Dr. Jack Deslippe (leader of the Software Thrust Area), a leading computational physicist, a group leader at NERSC, and a major developer of the BerkeleyGW software.

Dr. Eran Rabani (leader of the Methods & Algorithms Thrust Area), a leader in computational materials science and a pioneer in stochastic electronic structure techniques.