C2SEPEM - Center for Computational Study of Excited-State Phenomena in Energy Materials

Jack Deslippe

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA

Jack Deslippe is the acting lead of the Applications Performance Group (APG) at NERSC, tasked with working with applications teams from a number of different science areas to optimize their codes for NERSC HPC systems, including the Cori (Intel Knight’s Landing powered) flagship pre-exascale system. In this role, Jack leads the NERSC Exascale Science Application Program (NESAP) and is the staff representative for the BerkeleyGW, Quantum ESPRESSO and PARSEC NESAP project. Jack specializes in the support of material science and chemistry applications and users at NERSC. He additionally works on bringing dynamic web-content to NERSC users through MyNERSC (lead developer) and science gateway systems, including the ALS “SPOT” web portal.

Jack is is one of the lead developers of the BerkeleyGW package for computing the excited state properties of materials and was the lead architect of the BerkeleyGW 1.0 release.

He received a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in physics in 2011. His research centered on materials physics and nano-science: scaling many-body Green’s function computational methods for the study of the optical properties of materials with large and complex structures.


Mauro Del Ben
Postdoctoral Scholar
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
CCMC Group