C2SEPEM - Center for Computational Study of Excited-State Phenomena in Energy Materials

Chao Yang

(510) 486-6424
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA
Scalable Solvers Group

Chao Yang is a senior scientist at LBNL. His expertise is in numerical analysis and scientific computing, in particular, large-scale eigenvalue calculation and sparse matrix methods. He has been involved in developing efficient methods for density functional theory based ground state electronic structure calculations and excited states calculations using many-body perturbation theory. He is one of the developers of the discontinuous Galerkin DFT (DGDFT) and the pole expansion and selected inversion (PEXSI) software tools. He is also one of the coauthors of the APPACK software package, widely used for solving large-scale eigenvalue calculations. He is involved in a number of DOE ASCR/BES SciDAC partnership projects, and is also a member of the FASTMath institute and the Center for Applied Mathematics for Energy Research (CAMERA). He has extensive experience in high performance computing. Prior to joining LBNL in 2000, he was a Householder fellow at ORNL from 1999 to 2000. He obtained his Ph.D in computational mathematics from Rice University in 1998, and worked at NEC systems laboratory in Woodland, TX from 1998 to 1999. He is a member of SIAM.