BerkeleyGW Workshop 2017

BerkeleyGW Workshop 2017

Date: January 4-6, 2017
Location: NERSC Facility, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Oakland, CA
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 Description: This event was a workshop, with hands-on user sessions, on the GW and GW-BSE approaches using the BerkeleyGW package held on January 4-6 2017, at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s NERSC Facility. The target audience for the workshop were graduate students, postdocs, and researchers interested in learning about or sharpening their skills on ab initio calculations of many-electron effects in excited-state properties of condensed matter. Additionally, attendees had a number of opportunities to influence/interact with the BerkeleyGW team and to share their excited state research efforts.

There was an advanced track for previous attendees along with the ability to present your own research using GW+BSE techniques via a contributed talk. Participation was highly encouraged.

The 2.5 day workshop covered basic GW/BSE theory, features of the BerkeleyGW package, and detailed examples of using the BerkeleyGW package in conjunction with the above mentioned DFT packages. In particular, connections to the real-space code PARSEC and planewave code PARATEC were made.

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