2017 Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) Meeting 10/23/17-10/24/17

The Center had its first SAB Meeting October 23-24, 2017 at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The SAB provides guidance on all aspects associated with the scientific progress, software development, and general management of the Center. It meets annually to review research and accomplishments and evaluate progress, as well as to provide guidance on future directions and suggest new collaborative opportunities. The following world renowned scientists have committed to serve on our SAB:

  • Prof. Roberto Car (Princeton)
  • Prof. Giulia Galli (U of Chicago)
  • Prof. Tony Heinz (Stanford)
  • Dr. Mark Hybertsen (Brookhaven Lab)
  • Prof. Angel Rubio (Director, Max Planck Institute, Hamburg)
  • Prof. Lin Lin (UC Berkeley)
  • Prof. Jeffrey B. Neaton (UC Berkeley/LBNL, Associate Laboratory Director for Energy Sciences)

UC Berkeley