C2SEPEM - Center for Computational Study of Excited-State Phenomena in Energy Materials

Material Data Facility

Data sharing policy

Research data produced by the C2SEPEM is made available to the public, ensuring reproducibility of published work, and contributing to sustainable research practices on a national scale. This is achieved through the Material Data Facility (materialsdatafacility.org), which offers data storage and dissemination services. The user who wishes to access our data is invited to do so via the MDF website.

Uploading data to the Material Data Facility: Tutorial

We ask the C2SEPEM researchers to upload the input and output files of their published work, along with any relevant data (pseudopotential files, scripts, etc.). This tutorial will guide you through uploading your data to MDF. Before you get started, you need to have a globus account (globus.org) with access to your computing facility.

1) Go to the MDF website (materialsdatafacility.org) and select the “Publish Your Data” button. It should redirect you to its globus page (publish.globus.org)

2) Login with your computing facility credentials (e.g. NERSC, XSEDE).

3) You will see your Data Publication Dashboard. Select “Submit a New Dataset”.

4) You will be asked to select a collection. Search in the drop-down menue for  “MDF Open << Materials Data Facility”. If you do not see this option, then you need to be granted access. Contact Ben Blaiszik (blaiszik@uchicago.edu) to be added to the MDF Open group as a member of the C2SEPEM.

5) You will be prompted to accept a licence.

6) Enter the title, the author(s), etc. for the dataset. The authors are the authors of the corresponding publication, and for the Publisher, enter “Materials Data Facility”.

7) Describe the dataset. You will be asked about the DOI of the publication, funding details, and information on the materials. Fill in as many fields as possible.

8) Assemble the dataset. The “Assemble Dataset”  will open a new window, and the globus interface will allow you to select the endpoints. For the source (left panel), select your cluster and enter your credentials. For the target (right panel), the selected endpoint should be “globuspublish#mdf-publications” and the path should be set. Select your files and directory on the left panel and hit the “right arrow” button.

Keep in mind that we have a total of 5 TB of data storage space. Keep the size of your dataset commensurate.

9) After you are done transferring the data, you will be asked to very all the information once again. When you hit the “Finalize Dataset Submission”, the dataset is submitted and awaits approval.